Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hawaiian Road Trip

It's been a whole week since Ive been back from paradise. I can hardly believe the wonderful time we had traveling to our 50th state.

2/12/2009 - The first night we stayed at the Wingate Hotel out side of BWI Airport. It's a brand new hotel and very nice. The beds where really comfortable and clean and it beat having to get up at 3:30 in the morning to get ready for the drive to the airport.

2/13/2009 - Morning arrived too early but today was travel day. We all began arriving at the airport around 6:30 am for a 9:30 take-off to Denver International Airport. We had a group of 40 people from the Grand Chapter of Maryland, OES. Many going to Hawaii for the first time and some of us well seasoned travellers to the islands. We had a full day of airplane rides, screaming kids, tuburlance, etc. First leg was a 4 hr flight, landing in Denver we had about an hour to make our next connection to L.A. Whew, more fun.... Luckily the flight to LA was a short flight. Again we had one hour in the airport and then it was time to board another airplane. This was the longest flight. 6 hours to Oa'hu. We arrived around 8:30 local time so we spent the enire day on airplanes. I couldn't wait to to crawl into bed. It was a long day.

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